From conception to completion, building a new structure is a multi-faceted process with three major elements, architecture, engineering, and construction.

Of course, it is easy to blur the lines between these three professions and forget the differences and significance each brings to the development stages.

In early June, a few Design Everest team members attended the two-day American Institute of Architects San Francisco (AIASF) Next conference. While Design Everest’s expertise and focus is in structural engineering, we value the opportunity to network with our prized architectural partners and learn about issues, new design concepts, and technological progress in the architectural space.

A structural engineer is a licensed engineering professional who performs evaluation and design services for structures. As a specialist in the foundation, roofing, and all things pertaining to building structures, a structural engineer can provide an array of services to a homeowner. Structural engineers have extensive training for dealing with load bearing structural supports, and can provide great knowledge when it comes to building and designing.

If you have ever purchased a used car, you understand that you wouldn’t take the keys until you had the vehicle thoroughly inspected by a professional mechanic. A mechanic can assess the vehicle, its condition and any problems you may run into in the future. Although it might not seem so, purchasing a used vehicle is very similar to purchasing a house. Except, in purchasing a home, the potential issues can be much more expensive. Therefore, the question that homebuyers should ask themselves is whether to hire a home inspector or a structural engineer to assess the property’s condition.

Although design-bid-build has been the traditional method for delivering projects to clients, the popularity of the design-build project delivery method has been growing steadily. The design-build delivery method typically shortens the time needed to complete a project since there is a single entity working on the project, but this also entails that all responsibility for the project is held by a single designer/builder.(1) This leads to a unique set of legal issues that apply to the design-build project delivery method.

A property’s foundation contributes monumentally to its stability, and damages to the foundation can cause very serious and expensive problems if not repaired properly. Whether you are looking to make room additions to your home, or are simply wanting to check the structural integrity of your property, having a structural engineer assess the foundation can ensure that all structural concerns will be addressed before becoming too problematic or expensive. Many contractors will also offer to conduct foundation inspections, but below are five reasons why you should hire a structural engineer to assess the condition of your property’s foundation.


At Design Everest, our goal is to provide superior service and an efficient, streamlined process that meets your project’s unique needs. In order to build your confidence and understanding in the California Building Permit Process, we’ve outlined key details to communicate the importance of hiring design professionals to help accomplish your project(s).

The Added Value of an Onsite Evaluation

At Design Everest, we understand that each client and project is unique and customize our service approach to meet your individual objective.

When you are preparing to construct, demolish, enlarge, alter, repair, move, remove, improve, or convert your home or building; getting started in the right direction is imperative. Having our professional engineers at your side to discuss, collaborate with, advise-on, and listen to your goals, concerns, and questions is key for successful project results.

Design Everest is the leader in customer service for structural engineering in California but we realize that a successful project for a client extends beyond design and into construction. To that end, we have developed a simple introduction and worksheet for bid leveling. The worksheet will give you an industry standard format for comparing contractor bids and assist you in choosing the right contractor for your project.

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