Foundation Engineering ______

Regardless of where your building is or how new or old it is, it won’t last very long if it isn’t built on a solid foundation. The foundation is what your home stands on and any foundation can be susceptible to cracks and damages due to a variety of reasons including wear and tear and imperfect soil conditions.

Foundation Engineering
Fortunately, structural engineers know how to evaluate foundations and prepare engineering plans to repair and strengthen them economically. Whether you are looking to buy a new home and want an evaluation of the foundation, or you’re concerned about cracks, settling or sloping in your existing home, Design Everest’s engineers can come onsite for an evaluation and prepare your foundation plans so that you can get your building permits and proceed with a foundation contractor. Design Everest can even refer you to partner foundation contractors who can do the construction work per our plans and recommendations.
Foundation Engineering & Design in California

A foundation serves multiple purposes:

  • Transfer the weight of the building to the soil
  • Anchor your building against wind and earthquake forces
  • Protect your building against imperfect soil conditions
  • Protect your building against ground moisture
Foundation Building Permit California
Having a strong foundation will mean your home can safely last for a long time. Design Everest’s engineers can ensure your foundation is up to par and meets current codes and can withstand earthquakes.


Detailed oriented and extremely responsive

“As part of a remodeling project in our home in the east bay, I had pleasure to work with their engineer. I found him very detailed oriented and extremely responsive. In no time he could understand complex structure of the home and came up with the engineering design of the remodel. The city approved his design in no time. Will definitely recommend him!”
star – Peyush A.


Professional Expertise

“I was working with their engineer on my new construction residential project. He has provided high level of professional expertise, great level of details, quick response and aggressively competitive pricing. Looking forward to do business again. Thanks, Design Everest.”

star – Dima L.