Rooftop Deck Remodels and Additions ______

Looking to add a rooftop deck or terrace to your commercial or residential space? We can help you make your rooftop deck vision come to life. Our experienced design and engineering team works with you to create the best rooftop deck or terrace for your custom space by taking into account deck access, load bearing capacity, materials needed, and project cost.



Benefits of Rooftop Deck or Terrace Addition

Adding a rooftop deck means adding outdoor living space. There are several beneficial impacts that a roofdeck or terrace addition can make to your home or commercial space. First a roofdeck adds a luxorious feel to your home and is great for your future resale value. Homebuyers are now looking for homes that provide the extra space. Especially in urban markets like the bay area, adding the rooftop deck can provide a high return on the initial project costs.

The added space can be used for outdoor entertainment space, a place to create a view that otherwise would not be accessible, and an area to practice yoga or workout. In places where weather is warmer, the rooftop deck can be enjoyed all year round.



Types of Decks and Terraces we Cover

There are endless options for the type of rooftop deck remodel or addition. Depending on what you are using the rooftop deck for, we work with you to craft the perfect outdoor living space. With each design we take into account how much coverage you need to what finishes you are planning on using.

Here are the types of decks and terraces we cover, but not limited to:

  • Sand Terrace – cover your deck with sand for a beachy feel
  • Private Escape – can inlclude retractable shades or glass
  • Maximum Coverage – works like an outdoor living
  • Enclosed Terrace – perfect for a semi-outdoor setting
  • Sun or Shade Rooftop Design – Includes a shaded section
  • Decorative Decking – showcases modern decking
  • Addition of bar, pool, jacuzzi, or kitchen


Detailed oriented and extremely responsive

“As part of a remodeling project in our home in the east bay, I had pleasure to work with their engineer. I found him very detailed oriented and extremely responsive. In no time he could understand complex structure of the home and came up with the engineering design of the remodel. The city approved his design in no time. Will definitely recommend him!”
star – Peyush A.


Professional Expertise

“I was working with their engineer on my new construction residential project. He has provided high level of professional expertise, great level of details, quick response and aggressively competitive pricing. Looking forward to do business again. Thanks, Design Everest.”

– Dima L.