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HVAC & Plumbing ______

When facing an expense of several thousand dollars for a new furnace, air conditioner, heat pump or plumbing equipment, you should take all steps necessary to ensure that your equipment is installed safely and meets building codes so that your equipment is reliable for many years. If you are installing the equipment on the roof or hanging from the ceiling as is commonly done, you will need structural calculations and building permits before you can proceed with the installation.

HVAC & Plumbing
Design Everest’s HVAC & Plumbing structural engineering team will run roof load calculations and prepare design drawings to ensure that your installation is structurally sound and will provide plans and recommendations if your existing structure requires to be strengthened for the installation. This will ensure that your structure can safely withstand the weight of the new HVAC or Plumbing equipment.


Detailed oriented and extremely responsive

“As part of a remodeling project in our home in the east bay, I had pleasure to work with their engineer. I found him very detailed oriented and extremely responsive. In no time he could understand complex structure of the home and came up with the engineering design of the remodel. The city approved his design in no time. Will definitely recommend him!”
star – Peyush A.


Professional Expertise

“I was working with their engineer on my new construction residential project. He has provided high level of professional expertise, great level of details, quick response and aggressively competitive pricing. Looking forward to do business again. Thanks, Design Everest.”

star – Dima L.